Brand is your personality and your promise. 

Glen Group is a combination of savvy web developers, crafty creatives, and results driven marketing gurus. As a lean-machine, we have an uncanny ability to get to know our clients and their products, which allows us to develop and execute a brand that's authentic.Give us a test drive today!


It's a trip...

BrandMap explores what you could or should be in the eyes of your internal audience. We discover brand words, examine the core of your business identity, chart where the region is in the marketplace and follow this map to find new ways to sell the region with passion and conviction. (Discovery).

develops a BrandShift brief that includes the brand promise, brand words/personality/attributes, target market, what makes this market tick, and what we need to communicate to this market. This BrandShift brief will be critical to communicating a unified vision to your company. (Strategy).

BrandTrip is how we to reach your external audience through marketing, advertising and social media [see Social Catalyst]. (Tactics).

With all brands, internal communication is critical because without it no external communication can occur. The key to internal communication is sharing the brand definitions with all those who will be “delivering” the brand, from your staff to the CEO.

We will present the results of the research, the BrandShift process and the new branding to the major stakeholders so that everyone will have a full understanding and “buy in,” prior to the unveiling of the branding  to government officials, tourism-related and other businesses and the general public.

We develop a detailed a brand “book”—a document that details how the brand should be presented whenever and wherever it touches the consumer. This will help ensure that the branding will be presented in a consistent manner. It will also include the research that underlies the development of the brand and logos. We recommend that you provide this document to all your marketing partners. We will make it available in both printed and digital formats.


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